Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eroica Britannia 2014

After a overwhelming weekend at Bakewell we're back at home. What's left are a lot of pictures and impressions.

Bike bag, suite cases and hand luggage, Bagshaw Hall where we stayed, and pictures of Bakewell.

Impressions from the festival ground. Great party, music, beer, Gin, Pimm's, Meatballs and other food.

Pictures from the 100 miles ride. Steep ascents, single track roads, white roads and descents on forest tracks, ancient railroad tracks and tunnels, food and drinks and at mile 93, Pimm's in front of Chatsworth House

Impressions from the Peak District, Arbor Low and Chatsworth House.


  1. Good evening Sir!
    I have just been to my local bike shop «Zweiradgeber» and Miro has told me that you took part in the Eroica Britannia last year as well. Apparently you plan to ride the White and Dark Peaks again this June. So am I!
    Watch out for «team» and «camp GA» (Guv'nors' Assembly) and do come and join us for a beer or two.
    Tally Ho! AK

    1. Hi AK

      I'm looking forward to it. Could it be that we exchanged a few words last year during the refreshment stop in front of the Chatsworth House? I was wearing a Hugo Koblet cycling dress.


  2. Guvnors' Assembly and friends at L'Eroica Britannia

  3. … red Koblet shirt, dark beard, if I remember correctly? I did actually walk from Bakewell to Chatsworth to greet and cheer the GA chaps for the last bit before their return to Bakewell. (This year, I shall be on a bike rather than by foot! And my 'old man' (father) now plans to cycle all the way from Switzerland to Bakewell to take part in the Eroica Britannia as well, after I raved about the event).
    Good speed & see you in June!
    (my friends Adam and Gillian and Mark & Heidi from the GA stayed at Bagshaw Hall as well, by the way - while we other 'brave folks' dwelled on the camping pitches - I hope the four didn't misbehave too badly… but I am afraid they might have … ;) ).

  4. Dark beard is flattering, I would say more grey then black ;-), My wife and I are more the hotel or VW California types :-).
    There was no problem with other guests at Bagshaw, doing an extra round at the Tanqueray bar assures a good sleep :-).

    Looking forward to the great adventure